Borded deviations made in galvanized iron.

2-way or 3-way deviations are available, from diameter 80mm to diameter 500mm. For diameters more than 500mm, you have to contact our technical office for the quotation.

Note 1. "R" means borded - "L" means NOT borded (flexible pipe link)

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2-way deviation diam.100mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.100mm

2-way deviation diam.120mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.120mm

2-way deviation diam.150mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.150mm

2-way deviation diam.200mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.200mm

2-way deviation diam.250mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.250mm

2-way deviation diam.300mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.300mm

2-way deviation diam.350mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.350mm

2-way deviation diam.400mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.400mm

2-way deviation diam.450mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.450mm

2-way deviation diam.500mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.500mm

2-way deviation diam.80mm

Galvanized 2-way deviation diam.80mm

3-way deviation diam.100mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.100mm

3-way deviation diam.120mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.120mm

3-way deviation diam.150mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.150mm

3-way deviation diam.200mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.200mm

3-way deviation diam.250mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.250mm

3-way deviation diam.300mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.300mm

3-way deviation diam.350mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.350mm

3-way deviation diam.400mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.400mm

3-way deviation diam.450mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.450mm

3-way deviation diam.500mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.500mm

3-way deviation diam.80mm

Galvanized 3-way deviation diam.80mm